Fargo On Broadway

A documentary by Minnesota State University Moorhead photographers.  The photographs are the product of a year-long course at Minnesota State University Moorhead, Mass Communications 430 Documentary photography.  A group of fourteen students and two professors worked on the project together.  In the culmination of the year-long course, we had published a book, had write ups of the project in The Fargo Forum, produced a slideshow complete with photos, belly dancers and a wurlitzer organ and had put on a gallery showing at a local coffee shop.  These are a few of my contributions to the combined projects we produced.  Photos were taken with a Nikon N60 using Kodak T-Max and Tri-X black and white film.

Please note that these photos and captions are from 1999-2000 and many of the buildings have now been renovated, renamed and may not even exist today.

Europe 2000

This is  a small collection of photos from 2000.  Shot all in black  & white T-Max film.