Student Affairs

Braden KuzniaGreetings and welcome to my educational portfolio!

My education and experience have presented me with many wonderful opportunities.  Through those opportunities, I have gained a variety of valuable skills and have often been regarded as a leader. These leadership traits were built from years of hard work and learning to collaborate with others to achieve a common goal. I am a responsible, mature, and driven individual who continuously strives for excellence.

I currently work as the Assistant Director of Event Services in the Student Union at Minnesota State University Moorhead.  In this role, my primary responsibilities are to have an over arching view of all events scheduled in the Student Union while coordinating and managing the day-to-day and evening/weekend operations of the Student Union; supervising the General Maintenance Workers, Event Services student employees; coordinating the use of the Student Union facility by on and off-campus sponsors; and coordinating audio-visual, sound reinforcement and technical support for events; Building Cleanliness, Operation, Maintenance and Security (through supervision of the General Maintenance Worker Team).